Why I want to be a Cardano dRep

Juana Attieh
2 min readOct 30, 2022

My submission on why I would like to be a dRep in Cardano’s Governance.

Growing up in in the MENA region, I experienced many pivotal events that allowed me to see the world with an alternative lens. Throughout the years, the MENA region has suffered through wars, explosions, capital controls, displacements, corruption and so much more. This has left people of all backgrounds continuously fighting for survival and completely restrained from reaching their socio-political potential.

The drive towards wanting to be a dRep is to hopefully be the voice of many that come from broken systems and felt like they couldn’t be heard. I truly believe in a level playing field. It is what heartens me most about this technology and I believe that when people are given a voice, autonomy, and opportunity and are not forced to live with worry or act out of despair, they are incentivized to do and be better. It is concepts like dReps that bring about these opportunities for people to contribute to change, allowing for mutual recognition and enrichment for everyone involved.

Coming from the MENA region, I believe this role could contribute greatly toward reimagining the broken societies and bad governance that currently exist. I feel extremely privileged to have the education and knowledge that allows me to understand and appreciate the potential a technology like Cardano has, especially in countries like ours, and I feel like it is a responsibility of mine to pay it forward. Building merit for myself amongst the community and gaining the trust of those that I could be representing is a challenge that will give me extreme fulfillment.

I believe dReps could evolve as accountable thought leaders that would play a key role in shaping the future of Cardano. Through the collective intelligence nurtured amongst different perspectives, incentives, and intentions. With their responsibilities, dReps could pay huge contributions towards improvements in catalyst processes, proposal structures, voting mechanisms, community outreach, and overall enhancements of the decentralization of Cardano. I see the role of dReps evolving into an expert class of educators and contributors that can also work together on bringing new ideas and best practices for applying liquid democracy within Cardano. A natural path for dReps as well will be onboarding newcomers to Cardano by giving them the opportunity to help make decisions and impact Cardano’s direction in areas where they might not have been able to before.

The beauty of decentralized protocols like Cardano is that anyone can change the world with it as they see fit and what I hope to achieve for Cardano is to continue to bring it, and decentralized governance to the MENA region to help bring about new fair systems and unimaginable change.